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What to Expect

A home is as much about people as it is about bricks & mortar, wood and steel.
At Westmoreland Homes, we’re about people too. We’re not racing with the other companies to build the most houses. We’re in a league of our own, making the happiest clients we can, who own the best houses we can build. The quality of builds is written in the faces and smiles of the people we build for.
The foundation of a Westmoreland Home is our relationship with our customers. We begin by listening deeply what you need from your home. Whether choosing from our range of high-quality plans, customising these to your needs or bringing your own ideas for us to make real, we listen. From the start, we want a house as unique as you are.

Speaking of unique, we’re a bit special too. We’re not a franchise but an independent, family-owned business with strong roots in the Northland community. We pride ourselves on this independence, and it gives us flexibility – we don’t need to call a head office to find out if your needs fit our business model. we just do it. Nor do we have to pay large franchise fees, which helps us keep our prices down.

We believe our work is the best in the industry, and its guaranteed by the best in the business. Our Homes are each underpinned by a rock-solid 10 Year Stamford Building Warranty. As a part of the Future-Proof Building Network, our houses are built to be a solid, long-term investment that will withstand the test of time.

We’re honoured that our comparatively small and local company is standing shoulder to shoulder with the big boys and we like to think that when it comes to building houses that make our clients happy. We’re head and shoulders above the rest.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

When looking for a company to build your new home, one thing that is considered is the price. When comparing the price that is offered by various builders and housing companies, it’s important that you are comparing apples with apples, as the saying goes. To help you in that process, we have created a cheat sheet which includes items are not necessarily a physical part of your new home but are still costs that are incurred along the way and have to be accounted for at some stage. In some other cases, the number or quality of some items e.g. lights can vary significantly. Your budget can blow out and you can end up upset and frustrated through no fault of your own because you thought these things were included or should be.

The last thing you want to happen is to be out of pocket and angry at your builder. You’ve no doubt heard the stories.
This cheat sheet puts you in a strong position because you’ll be making an informed and educated decision before you move ahead.

Westmoreland Homes Building Checklist